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Nisswa, MN 56468

One Call Benefits:

Strength in Numbers: Enjoy the benefits of being a member of a group. Vendors recognize that in order to do business with the group they must deliver price, quality and service.

Years of local experience: Your representative has lived and worked in the community for many years and is ready to share that experience with you.

Convenience: Your membership in the family allows you to communicate your needs to one person. That relationship can develop into a personal understanding of your expectations resulting in a smoother more comfortable maintenance experience.

Value: Because One Call is actively working for many customers that exposure can benefit all of our customers. Many of your maintenance needs are the same as others, so your One representative will often know about issues before you do and be ready to respond.

Security: Nothing is quite as distressing as being many miles away and not knowing what is happening with your most precious investment. Your representative is available to respond to emergencies such as no heat or storm damage. We will be here to protect your property and secure your peace of mind. We can also schedule regular visits to your home during unoccupied months.